Warfield council kicks in for carbon offsets

Warfield council has agreed to kick in $3,600 towards the RDKB's carbon neutral project.

The Village of Warfield council members agreed to support the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB), carbon neutral project by kicking in $3,600 towards its 2012 carbon offset purchases.

The “Carbon Neutral Kootenays” report was met with mixed reviews at Monday’s council meeting.

“We had a presentation about the Darkwood Forest area, where they are doing some positive carbon neutral studies, so instead of paying the taxes to the government you can buy carbon credits locally,” said Warfield Mayor Bert Crockett.

The village received a provincial grant for $3,531, so the carbon offset payment is basically cost neutral, said Vince Morelli, chief administrative officer for the village.

“We have to pay it, and that is that,” said Coun. John Crozier.

The money will go to the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Darkwoods preservation project near Creston.

Carbon offsetting refers to paying others to remove carbon dioxide emitted from the atmosphere, for example by planting trees or by funding carbon projects that should lead to the prevention of future greenhouse gas emissions.

The report stated that local governments in the Kootenays spend about $11 million on energy and generate about 20,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions,

The carbon offsets will cost the RDKB about $31,000, or $25 per ton.

The British Columbia revenue neutral carbon tax was implemented in 2008. It applies to the retail purchase or use of fuels in B.C., such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating fuel, propane and coal, and to peat and tires when used to produce energy or heat.