Lower Montcalm road

Lower Montcalm road

Warfield: Popular back road will remain closed

Lower Montcalm road will remain closed long after repairs to the water main are complete.

The Village of Warfield has received a few calls about the issuance of a boil water notice. But there’s another aspect of repair that has been flooding the phone lines – and that is the barricading of Lower Montcalm road to pedestrians and vehicles.

And take note: the road will remain closed long after water main repairs are complete and the boil water notice has been lifted.

“A lot of people are asking about this,” says Corporate Office Jackie Patridge. “The bank is clearly unstable it is a very narrow road in the middle of a very sandy bank, which is why some of the soil sloughed down to begin with.

“We will complete the repairs and then let people know when they don’t have to boil water anymore … but that stretch of the road is going to stay closed,” she added. “It is a council decision as to what they want to do with it, but right now it is unstable and will remain closed.”

Annable households remain on a Boil Water Notice as repairs continue on the main break near Lower Montcalm road.

“It’s actually a fairly big job,” Patridge told the Trail Times.

“The boil advisory has to say on until the work is finished. The rule with Interior Health is that we wait until all the work is done then we have to get four clean water tests (two each day),” she added. “Then if that is all clean, we can release the boil water advisory. So it is what it is, unfortunately, and looks like it’s going to go into next week.”