Everett E. Schultz

Everett E. Schultz

If the words good-bye have entered your thoughts, pause. Consider: Everett Earl Schultz, you probably knew him as “Ev”. Ev’s brave and courageous journey with cancer ended June 17, 2015, two and half months after his 63rd birthday. Despite having never finished high school Everett was a brilliant man with a genius mind, a self-taught master craftsman of anything wood, metal, paint or engine, and a world-class husband, father and friend. The king of DIY (do it yourself), if he had an idea, he could build it. If something was broken, he could fix it. Seriously, there was nothing Everett couldn’t mend! Generous, kind and loving, if you were good to him, he was ten times better to you and as much as he loved making things, what he loved more was making people smile. “If I can get one person to laugh or smile,” he’d say, “then it’s a good day.” And oh how he loved to talk and tell stories. Even in his passing Everett is still talking and telling stories. Found on his computer (the DIY’er at it again) a file called Last Words:

I, Everett Schultz, have walked this earth for 62 years. And I know I’m not going to beat this thing called Cancer. Before I become a ghost of a memory I would like to say it has been a hell of a ride. I’m so happy I was born before technology. I grew up in Cochrane, Alberta. As kids you got outside & play & we played! Good childhood. Guns, kick the can, hide & go seek, football, baseball, climbed a mountain. How many times climbed Cochrane Hill & had lunch with the Monks, down at the river on rafts, fishing & picking berries, exploring the three ravines, built forts along the river, had sword fights, tied a rope to a branch & made a tree swing. Learned to swim in the river. Learned & rode horses, rode our bicycles 22 miles just to get firecrackers. Collected bottles. 25 cents was big money & what you could buy: bottle of pop, bag of chips & a nickel ice cream. Nickel chocolate bar or 10 cents for a lb. of grapes & penny candy. Oh Ya, spear grass fights can’t forget that. Building carts. Many a trip up the big hill to the dump, finding wheels & parts. Now it is time to have a motor. Oh Ya Go carts! Man we were crazy. We all should not be here for what we did on them, coming down the old Cochrane Hill Road with what we had for brakes; two sticks, one on each side. Hell we invented drifting slalom style. Yes we got our whoopings & chores to do & with 5 boys in the house you couldn’t even find a pair of socks that matched. Broken tied up shoelaces, wire where the stitching was holding them together and a piece of cardboard inside to cover the hole in the bottom. Hand-me-down clothes. Kids today have no idea what fun is & I’m very sorry for that. You have to grow up in a small town, not in the big city. I did not become the man I wanted to be, for we are all young at one time with big ideas. Commercial artist was what I wanted to be. But young & stupid, I met a girl. Marriage did not work. But I had 2 very young kids to look after: 2 kids, 1 dog, and 1 bird. I looked after them the best that I could 5-1/2 years a single parent. I will let you think about that for a min. I would not have changed a thing. Ketrena & Ched are my kids & I know I made the right choice. We had fun growing up together. We sure did many things together: camping, fishing, skating, holidays, blowing, movies, picnics, drives, motorcycling, oh & so much more. They made me a better man. Stronger. Dolly. Dolly, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I LOVE YOU. Dolly: I wish I’d have met you sooner in my life. Dolly & I have been together forever it seems. We have a relationship that most people do not have. Magic. Trust. Maybe there are no words that can say it. Dolly has been so good for me. I love her more than anything she has been my backbone. All I ever wished for is to be here for her in her time of need, when she is going to need my help in the coming years to be there for you & by your side. The Memories: we have made the time we have been together our best. On regrets: I have had a full life. My Love goes out to my Wife Dolly, Ketrena, Ched, Steve & Aaron, My Family. I love you all & I mean you all. Every Day Is A Second Chance.

Good-bye was not a part of Everett’s vocabulary and no one was permitted to say those words in his presence. “Never say good-bye.” He’d correct, “Good-bye is forever.” So this is not good-bye but “chow” (that’s how he’d spell it) for now. Ev’s vibrant and lively spirit continues to shines on through his wife Dolly; daughter Ketrena; son Chedwick “Butchie” (wife Cori, children, Aidan and Velvet); stepsons Steve and Aaron; siblings, Carson, Ricky, Charlie and Tony, many nieces, nephews, friends and family too numerous to list but not forgotten. Ev is reunited with his brother Jim and parents Eric and Dorcas where they are likely paired up in a game of crib. Everett’s family would like to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to all the doctor’s nurses and support staff that cared for Ev though his long difficult journey especially in his final days. And to our friends and community we thank you deeply for your compassion and ongoing support.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of Ev’s life Friday July 3, 2015 2:00pm at Marsh Creek Campground Beaver Valley Family Park, Fruitvale, BC., where we’ll enjoy a day of memories, music, and fun family picnic style.

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