A big band thank you

St. Albert Community Band thoroughly enjoyed playing to Trail audience.

On behalf of the St. Albert Community Band I would like to thank the 300 plus members of the audience during our recent concert in Trail.

I especially thank Ray Masleck and those members of the Maple Leaf Band who joined us on stage.

It was great to have Maestro Ray Fuoco conduct a couple selections, and for me especially, to have a dear friend, Jackie Vellutini, play with our group throughout the evening.

So many memories went through my mind as we prepared for the concert, and after it was all over, I cannot wait till we hopefully can return once again.

To those of you who attended, in spite of the rain and changed night and venue, your support was sensational.

I was able to visit with so many who I grew up with, who knew my family, and with whom I worked and played.

As I said on stage: “My dream was fulfilled”. Thanks also at this time to Breanne Massey of the Trail Times news department for her great stories and promotions. We hope to return once again in the future. Till then,

Gerry Buccini

President, St. Albert Community Band