Airport plays a vital role

The Trail Regional Airport generates economic benefits for the community.

Last year, before we moved from the Lower Mainland to Trail, we took into consideration the flight services offered by the Trail Regional Airport. Being new to the area, I often hear the local fliers praising the merits of the Trail airport and how planes have a greater chance to land in Trail than in Castlegar.

Since our move to Trail, we have commuted to Vancouver on several occasions and feel grateful to have such a service available to us.  Every time we have been on a flight, there were no empty seats.

During our flights, I have met travelers from the Vancouver area who were planning to spend time in the Trail area.

I strongly believe that the airport generates economic benefits for the community, ie: attracting visitors, transportation of goods, addition of service such as Medivac.

I fully support Trail Councillor Robert Cacchioni who voted against adjusting the draft budget.  The airport is a real asset to the community and in order to increase its capacity, it is important that upgrades to the landing strip and reception area be considered, in addition to having a permanent paid position.  This can only be accomplished by gradually making improvements.

Simon Lariviere