Alberta community working to promote miners’ day in the West

We have requested that Trail city council   consider the naming and declaring May 1 as the Day of the Miner.  Hopefully, this collective declaration – for all the mining communities – will happen in unison in B. C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.  This is the long-standing day, celebrated worldwide as the day of the “The Working Man”.

Hopefully, it is within the purview of your local administration to agree to this protocol, to honour these hard working pioneers, who contributed so much to the betterment of societies’ working conditions.  They fought hard to establish the eight-hour day, the workman’s compensation act, and better working conditions, etc.  We are all enjoying these hard fought benefits, today!

A colourful flag is now available for the town offices, miner’s halls and museums of your community, for this occasion.  Unfortunately, there is some social discrimination that exists in some areas of our society, but hopefully, this forgotten era in history, can be restored once again.

Many senior organizations and mining centres, like Drumheller, the Crowsnest Pass, Estevan, and the Nordbridge Senior Centre of Lethbridge, have many great events and functions planned.

There are, already, other days predicated, in some communities, to miners’ days, but hopefully, this collective declaration would create a very powerful and meaningful annual event that could renew many old acquaintances and friends.

There have been suggestions that for sponsorships, for school children’s drawings and paintings of mines and miners, in competition, would renew their knowledge and historic realities of their forefathers and/or relatives, that has been absent in their school curriculum.

Flags available at address and name below.

Frank J. Toth

1901  10th Street

Coaldale, Alta.  T1M 1B1

Phone:  1-403-345-3490