Allow more freedom to talk about religion

Part of a series of letters submitted by Grade 4 Fruitvale Elementary students as a class assignment.

I believe that everybody should be free to talk about their own beliefs everywhere, including school!

This is one part of freedom of religion, which is a human right.

For example we have to learn about other religions and cultures, but we aren’t allowed to talk about ours at school.

I think it is important for all people to feel free to talk about their beliefs because it is important to them and their culture and religion.

I feel left out at school when I can’t even talk about my belief about God because it is something that is very important tome.

I think I’m not the only one that thinks that because lots of people have different beliefs and if we talked about them we could learn to listen to and respect one another’s  beliefs , and learn about other religions too!

Our school has an Aboriginal club but we don’t havea Christian club even though there are many Christian believers in BC. By sharing our beliefs I think that it would be more accepting and include everyone, everywhere. Thank you

Madison Bradford