Annual cleanup raises questions

"A couple of things came to my mind during the road clean-up..."

On Saturday morning we did our spring road clean-up of the highway between the Walmart junction and the RCMP building.

A couple of things came to my mind during the road clean-up.  I find the exercise quite meditative, with bouts of bewilderment and indignation at some of the excesses we find.

With this in mind I have the following requests. 1) Please make sure your load is secure. 2) If you need to empty out left over fast food packaging, bottles and beer cans from your vehicles please do so in an appropriate waste bin. 3) And finally, please don’t throw your old furniture and appliances over the bank.

Can the fast food companies do something to help? I understand that they are not responsible for their customers’ behaviour. But at the end of the day having coffee cups and food wrappers from Tim Hortons, Subway and McDonalds strewn beside the highway is not a benefit to their corporate images or to the citizens of Trail.

We have been doing this for the last five years and my fellow Waneta-Trail Sunrise Rotarians deserve recognition; especially Rob Hawton who has been the primary driver for this initiative. Also big thank yous go to Cheyanne Friess and Emily Dawson, Trail’s current Ambassadors who came out, helped and reduced our average age to under 60.

We will take any help we can get.

Juris HarlamovsWaneta-Trail Sunrise RotaryFruitvale