Beautiful week in Beaver Valley

"What a way to end last week here in the Beaver Valley!"

What a way to end last week here in the Beaver Valley!

On Thursday a large crowd took part in a celebration that recognized the abilities and talents of players, coaches and volunteers with the Beaver Valley Nitehawks hockey team. The efforts of those persons culminated in a dream come true for the team and each player. To win the Cyclone Cup and the Keystone Cup in such a convincing manner pays tribute to the dedication they displayed. Well done, Nitehawks!

On Friday the music abilities of local musicians were highlighted. The Harmaniacs (I like to call them The Harmonikids), Michael Gifford, Lois Allen, Don Birtch, Gary Morissette, Bert Kniss and others provided two and a half hours of varied musical styles. Several people I talked to later said how much they enjoyed what they had seen and heard. Indeed, the evening was a great success.

A little background about the Friday concert is needed. The featured Harmaniacs is made up of fifteen boys and girls from grades 3, 4 and 6 in the Fruitvale Elementary School.

The concert was to raise money for one boy and one girl from the group to travel to St. Louis in July to take part in harmonica workshops and experiences.

More money may be needed but I’m sure the people in the Valley will do all they can to help get them there.

We were so fortunate to have had the opportunities to recognize the talents of the groups we saw last week. Thanks Nitehawks and Harmaniacs and all those associated with you. I join with many others to wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Bob Bastian