Bull-a-Rama critique is a load of bull

A response to the Letter to the Editor "What kind of people enjoy Bull-a-Rama?" in the May 2 Trail Times.

In response to Kelly Haney’s letter, (What kind of people enjoy Bull-a-Rama, Trail Times May 2) I would like to say that letter misses the point completely when he/she talks about the pyrotechnics displays scaring off the livestock and going as far as to call most North American society as “moronic and sick” just because they (myself included) enjoy Bull-a-Rama as well as other contact sporting events such as Fight Night, Canucks and Smokies hockey, the NFL and UFC.

According to the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, the governing body sanctioning Bull-a-Rama and other rodeos, their website rodeocanada.com states that it works closely with the SPCA to ensure the responsible and humane use of animals in their events and that its rules surrounding animal welfare are strictly enforced by the rodeo judges.

I have gone to every Bull-a-Rama for the last 10 years and I did not see one act of animal abuse contrary to CPRA rules and regulations. The kids enjoyed riding the sheep in the Mutton Busting event and these sheep didn’t even look frightened.

That letter writer needs to take time to explore the subject more thoroughly and in depth and learn to respect and tolerate the beliefs of the 1200 fans that showed up to this year’s event rather than forcing his/her beliefs on them.

Bull-a-Rama is a very important event in Trail that generates revenue for many local non-profit organizations and sports teams, including the Trail Smoke Eaters and I will continue to support Bull-a-Rama for years to come.

A lot of hard work goes into Bull-a-Rama and by calling North Americans “moronic and stupid” is one of the worst things one person can do. As the Eagles song says, “Get over it.”

PS – Great artwork by the kids.

Jesse Stokes,