Bull-a-Rama . . . worth every cent

President of the Trail Smoke Eaters shares why Bull-A-Rama is a benefit to the City of Trail.

The Trail Smoke Eater Society want to not only thank Guy Thompson and his committee for their work and support they have given our hockey club, we also want to put our support towards the continuation of further events.

We struggle every year to produce enough money to continue operating the hockey club, we have been involved in events that have cost us funds and events that have provided much needed income at this time of the year. Bull-a-Rama has been a profit maker for us over it’s lifetime.

I was not aware that there were so many groups involved in benefitting from the city-run event, some like ourselves from the very first event, let the city know you support their event.

The Smoke Eaters employ between 20-25 people during the event, sorry 20-25 volunteers during the event, and they don’t just show up for the two-three hours of the event, they start the day before prepping for the following night.

These are proud hard working people who think nothing of spending their time helping us, and HELPING the City of Trail.

Let us all rally around the committee and Guy Thompson and find ways to continue this great event.

It should not always be about dollars and cents. . .

Tom Gawryletz


Trail Smoke Eaters