Buyer beware when it comes to martial arts

I’ve been reading in the paper recently about the many groups around Trail offering martial arts training and was concerned about a few things.

I’ve been reading in the paper recently about the many groups around Trail offering martial arts training and was concerned about a few things.

Every group who offers this type of training should openly mention which legitimate organization or association they belong to. These parent organizations regulate the minimum standards for instructors and clubs and also provide insurance in case of injury.

These minimum standards would be, as an example, a registered/certified black belt instructor with NCCP coaching certification, first aid and has no criminal record. Without a registered association these standards may not be guaranteed and proper insurance may not be assured making an individual responsible for any medical costs in case of serious injury due to uncertified instruction.

When choosing a class make sure to do research on it  to make sure it’s real and to ensure a safe environment to learn in. Ask questions like, are they a registered certified club or a blood sport, are their instructors registered and certified with legitimate organizations, and ask to see their certificate of insurance. At what age should you start training, well Sport Canada has suggested that six is the best age to begin.

To offer a class for anyone less could be considered irresponsible, especially into a blood sport which cannot in any way be argued as self defence. To be conditioned into the violence of a blood sport at three or four will program a child into becoming an instrument of violence unrecognizable to a loving parent and a danger to society at large as they have learned right from infancy only one way to resolve conflict – violence.

Lastly I wanted to mention there is no such martial art of any kind either in the past or present that is legitimately called ninjitsu.

That is a total fabrication of Hollywood producers to enhance their plots in movie classics like “Enter the Ninja” with Sho Kasugi and anyone using  this marketing spin needs to be corrected.

Anyone studying Japanese history will tell you there was such a thing as a Ninja, an assassin and spy for hire to betray their master (not exactly good behaviour). Only that of the 10 clans who held this profession, all were nearly obliterated after the Tokugawa Shogun period began.

Only in Japanese Judo does this original style yet live, for the only difference between these two forms is one has rules the other does not. Translated from Japanese ju jitsu is called “the gentiler way” while Judo is called “the gentile way.”

So any recognized Ju Jitsu groups(and there are many) are usually associated with a registered Judo Dojo . Any misspelling of this or even Brazilian adaptations are not recognized as official because of their participation in blood sports and should be avoided.

When martial arts were first shown to the public, as they were a secret shared with only the virtuous up until then, Funakoshi Sensei agonized about this decision.

Would exposing these secrets for all to benefit from give fruit to those who would abuse its knowledge for evil, or selfish gain? As this kind of exploitation (to Funakoshi Sensei) was or could be the greatest evil let loose into a society, and it has ripened into the Roman-esc gladiatorial blood sports shown on TV. How sad.

Ask questions and make informed decisions.

Here is a list of legitimate associations or organizations – for karate go to or, for  judo/ju jitsu go to

Scott Hutcheson