Buyer beware with door-to-door salesmen

Beware of door-to-door salesmen and their advice on updating your security system.

As a local security professional working in the Kootenays I am dismayed at these door to door sales people using false information to sell a security system.

I asked my wife about a week ago if these people come to the door allow them to do their sales pitch. The other day a rep, came to our house, he spoke with my wife about upgrading her alarm and that it is old technology and can be compromised (all this without looking at it).

He then went on to talk about their system can do much more, he bragged on how many people have signed up and gave names and addresses. He then went on to say they would upgrade the system for free and use more superior products, and that she would get the system for free. When asked about monitoring rates he went on a spiel about it depends on what is installed, but ranges from 30 – 45 monthly with a contract.

She took all the info and said she would talk it over with her husband, but this salesman wouldn’t leave he attempted to force her to sign with scare tactics, he tried many times with his pitches which were so staged and rehearsed. Finally he left when our phone rang.

Now my advice to all people having these characters come to your door is this; don’t sign anything, remember just because someone tells you it is great doesn’t make it so, be informed get facts, do research on the company and call one of your local security companies.

As for the salesmen’s visit with my wife, I found it humorous that he questioned our system without seeing it. His statement about new technology, I can tell you that the systems they are offering are nothing great and probably 90 per cent of mine and my colleagues’ clients have system that exceed what they offer.

In his pitch he mentioned other people who had purchased a system; I am concerned about how people are willing to provide personal information to be used as a sales tool.

They may act like a friend, but are not, they are commission sales people making a sale. His monitoring info was interesting; I can say that rates do not depend on what is installed. Monitoring on average is around $20 in the Kootenays.

Here are some B.C. regulations; All persons selling, installing or servicing alarm systems in B.C. must be licenced and should have a copy of their picture ID provided by the government on them.

All companies installing must have an electrical contractor’s licence and electrical permits must be provided for all installs.

Now a bit about me the author; I have been working in the security industry for over 25 years which also includes my time with the Sheriff’s Department where I was employed as a deputy sheriff. I have my trades certificate for security installation and servicing and have many training certificates that relate to the security field. I am licensed with the province as a security; consultant, installer and guard.

William TrowellTrail