BVMHA remains focused on kids

As members of the BVMHA (Beaver Valley Minor Hockey Association) executive, we would like to thank RTMHA (Rossland/Trail Minor Hockey Association) and its members for their overwhelming support to amalgamate with BVMHA.

It is greatly appreciated and a testament to the members of the Joint RTMHA and BVMHA Futures Committees – Shawn Brandt, Mary deVos, Larry Doskoch (chair), Dave Mandoli, Murray McConnachie, Brian Moroney, Don Park, Jim Swanson and Keith Wallace – and all those individuals that worked tirelessly on this process.

As we all know, BVMHA was not successful in achieving the 75 percent required. However, with the majority of the association voting in favour of amalgamation, we feel this is a positive step in the right direction. This past season’s combining of the rep teams due to NTIC was hugely successful and an example of how, working together, we can achieve great things for our kids. Players were given opportunities that would not have been available to them otherwise.

Events of this magnitude have a tendency to stir up a lot of emotion. While we are all entitled to our own feelings, we really need to maintain focus on the reason this whole process was put into motion: the kids. Decisions beyond their control were made which will impact them, potentially, for the rest of their minor hockey career.

Now is the time to take a step back and have a clear understanding of the ramifications our decisions have, not only on our own children, but every child involved in minor hockey in this area.

As members of the BVMHA board we are committed to working in the best interests of the children.

Too often our own beliefs cloud our judgment and we need to remind ourselves that kids do not care about the colours of their jerseys or the name of their association, they just want to play hockey. We, the voting members of these associations, need to look to the future and ensure every child has that opportunity.

Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to working with Rossland-Trail Minor Hockey Association this coming season.

Marlo Caputo, Don Park, Dara Waterstreet, David Mandoli, Leslie Mozack, Mike Mason, Lisa Cabana, Jacob Swanson, Jim Swanson

Members of the BVMHA Executive