Call for Trail meeting on FortisBC application

Fortis BC and the community would benefit from in input session in Trail.

Please be advised that we are very much opposed to the application of FortisBC Inc., to bring smart meters (AMI project) to the West Kootenay areas.

Our concerns are based on the health, safety hazards, personal security information and increased cost of the meters to the general public.

Due to these various issues we feel there is a justified need for public input session in Trail.

It would be a grave injustice not to have the local people of thie area addresses, especially since we value our public resources so ethically and the fact that Trail is one of the more populated areas within the district. Every opportunity should be given to the public for direct input into a program that is being formulated as our future way of life.

As far as the timetable for sessions in Trail and the need for public input, people wishing to actively participate in the proceedings feel there is not an adequate time frame mostly due to the summer vacation period and that a more reasonable time for the public to be involved should be early 2013.

I urge all concerned homeowners notify the BC Utilities commission office (sixth floor, 900 Howe Street, Vancouver BC, V6Z 2N3) of their interest to have a community input session held in Trail.

Mario Como