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‘Cheat’ reaction a scary thought

It is scary to realize that cheating is becoming an accepted practice in our society.
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Trail Times letter to the editor

A scary thing happened at a Halloween party. We were playing the game “catch-phrase” and to get her team to say the word “study,’ a participant said “what students do.” The whole room in unison said “cheat.”

As a former professor at Queen’s University, I knew that to be sad but true because copying was prevalent at a top university in Canada.

While at Queens, I taught a lab and I changed the lab questions. Several students still answered a question from the previous year. I gave them each a zero and handed back the labs.

One student, instead of hanging his head and sheepishly accepting the zero, had the audacity to complain to the head of the department. I cannot imagine what the cheater said, but the department head told me to give him his full mark. Scary!

Warren Watson