Christmas spirit alive at school

"As I walk the halls of Saint Michael’s I am as always, deeply impressed by the spirit of reverence and peace I feel."

My husband and I have the privilege of raising one of our grandchildren and this grandchild has been attending Saint Michael’s for the last three years. Although we are from the Beaver Valley, we felt it was worth the cost and any minor inconveniences to have him enrolled at the school. Thriving among a large body of students was difficult for him and the transition to a much smaller populated school made a huge positive impact on his learning and social development.

As I walk the halls of Saint Michael’s I am as always, deeply impressed by the spirit of reverence and peace I feel. Yet I have grown accustomed to these feelings as it has become common over the years. The advantage of being an “older” parent, one who is old enough to be a parent to the teachers as well as the other younger parents, I am slowing down in life that is, taking time to “’smell the roses.”

I have come to learn that peace at St. Michaels’ is a year round commodity and as I sit back and observe I have discovered why. Although I am sure it has its own political challenges in running a safe environment for children, these remain undetectable.

But I cannot overlook the love I see and feel among the teachers for the students and also for each other. Not only do the teachers care for their own students but are well acquainted with each child that attends and shares equal attention with.

This school I am sure has its full share of issues like any other school in our district, but what impresses me the most, is how these issues are addressed, truly one can see the true meaning of Christmas in the eyes of the children who go there, not only now but all year round.

Our grandson often takes for granted this wonderful opportunity, but I know someday he will look back with fond memories that will flood him with gratitude.

One has to ask what makes the difference in the lives of these students, and perhaps the answer comes from another grade student whose poignant comment is placed on the wall among others, “I am a child of God.”

Vanita Sims

Beaver Falls