City of Trail needs to focus on infrastructure

Long time resident shares some opinions on the City of Trail.

I have lived in the Trail area since 1951 and my father and his father since 1910. They had a farm even before the old bridge was built and resided on the east Trail side at that time. My father even had a twin brother who drowned in the Columbia in 1918. I have followed the history of Trail for many years.

I feel I can add some comments good or bad. Firstly, if the city thinks the 50-year-old new bridge is going to last they better start thinking again and planning and negotiating for a new one somewhere.

If you’ve ever walked across it when the constant big loaded trucks go by, the bridge shakes worse than some of the rides at the fair. I have a relative who is too afraid and will never walk across it to go downtown. Do they honestly think it can take the strain? Not likely. What’s going to happen if for some reason it has to close? You have to drive to Castlegar just to go to work.

As for the beautiful upgrades planed for Victoria Street, there are only four reasons tourists come to Trail. To see the smelter, to visit relatives, to see the Trail Smoke Eaters, and to go to the Colander. I’ve never heard of anyone coming to see the temporary flowers by the sidewalk and especially (someone’s bright idea a few years ago) the palm tree in front of the arena.

This ain’t California.

Also heard many comments about the waste of money spent with those giant flower pots all over the city. As for the bridge, it hasn’t been painted in years and the paint is peeling so bad the only thing holding the remaining paint on is the pigeon droppings.

If you’re going to promote the Smoke Eaters, you might think about painting the bridge their colors and installing a giant hockey stick statue.

Gordy Derosa seems to be the only one who knows just what this city needs when upgrades are needed badly.

I’ve been flooded times in past years at great expense but the city has not done anything to correct the problem which is entirely their fault with undersize street drainage and no preventative measures taken.

I’d have a better chance to find a three-legged ballerina than get any help with flood prevention.

I’m sure others feel the same.

I now I’m gonna get some negative feedback on these comments but if keep quiet, the city thinks everything is rosy.

Bob Barach