City should make skatepark a priority

City should make skatepark a priority, says East Trail mother of two.

I’m a home-owner on Columbia Ave. with two kids. My family’s history in Trail and our local surrounding communities is generations-old. We feel strongly about our city and the health of the community. Trail is filled with citizens that are creative, educated, inspired, involved and passionate. Many of these citizens may not realize that they have a voice or a forum within platforms as simple as our local newspaper or with City Council. I speak for myself, but I also venture to speak on behalf of that less vocal demographic the kids.

The spectrum of recreational opportunities for the children in our community can vary for an endless number of reasons. That’s a true statement. Certain children can be judged for the recreational opportunities they choose. That’s as false a statement as I can ever imagine making.

I whole-heartedly urge Trail City Council to treat the Skateboard Park initiative as a priority and I support the Gyro Park boat launch location. It’s a great location for many reasons, none more important than safety. It’s a central, family-friendly, residential area with easy access for kids and families all hugely relevant factors. Access for users will determine the success of the Skateboard Park. This location evolves our well-used and beautiful park, it showcases a unique part of our city and it utilizes an area that would benefit from the development. The proposed Haley Park location simply doesn’t offer the same benefits for kids and families. On any given day in the summer, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone “already going to Haley Park” with the kids, towels, and a picnic. Gyro, on the other hand…

I’ve spoken with many supportive Trail residents, like myself, who are inspired by having the Skateboard Park built at the Gyro Park boat launch location. Inspired and hopeful not just for our own families as invested residents, but for the vision of seeing this come to life for all of the kids in our community. It should be easy let’s show the kids that they count and we’ll all reap the benefit.

Heather Wiley