Clarifying comments on traffic

Rossland resident clarifies intentions and reacts to others' responses to her Oct. 29 letter to the editor.

I wouldn’t normally comment again regarding the traffic situation in Trail during construction, but in this case it is for further clarification.

Firstly, and most importantly, I was not commenting on the flaggers and how well or not they are doing their jobs (Lack of traffic flow alarming, Trail Times, Oct. 29). In fact, I chatted to the flagger while I waited, idling, and posed questions to seek further understanding.

I also drove immediately to city hall to find out from the professionals how they could improve the flow of traffic.

I asked to speak with the engineers, but told they were unavailable.

The mayor called, but didn’t leave a phone number.

I had missed an important appointment and had left in plenty of time. Further, a friend of mine who works at the (Kootenay Boundary) Regional Hospital, commented she waited 80 minutes, trying to get to work!

As for the writer who invited me to Trail for a dip, yet also stated, “no wonder the two communities don’t get along.”

It is these kinds of comments, when someone writes about an unrelated topic, such as traffic flow, that does create divisiveness.

That was not the intent of my Letter to the Editor. I will make sure I don’t voice an opinion again to the Times, even if it represents the views of the majority of people, as is the democratic way!

Jill Spearn