Clarifying the referedum question

Chair of the Trail and District Public Library Board brings some clarity to information provided to Area B residents.

As the Chair of the Trail and District Public Library Board I would like to bring some clarity to  information provided to Area B residents regarding the upcoming  referendum.

Area B residents lost library services at the Trail Library when the recreation funding agreement collapsed.  On December 2010 the Library Board and Director Worley of Area B agreed to restore Library privileges to Area B residents for a contribution of $20,000 for the 2011 year.  This was to allow the Area B residents to reacquaint themselves with the Library and its services prior to a referendum to be held in November, 2011.

Using the converted assessment method of funding, which is the same one used for recreation funding, the cost to Area B to restore Library services is around $ 85,000.  Of that total the cost to residents is approximately 53 per cent, the balance being paid by industry and utility property taxes.

A letter sent to Area B residents by the Regional District states that if the referendum fails Area B residents will have to pay $50 for a Trail Library card.  Trail Library policy states that non-residents, that is people who do not support a library through their taxes, must pay $50 per year for everyone 19 years of age and older and $20 per year for anyone under 19 years of age.

This is clearly more expensive than the recovery of costs through property taxation.

Barbara Gibson