Climate doomsayers getting desperate

"It appears that David Suzuki is still living in the mythical, computer world of discredited climate models."

Contrary to the claim made by David Suzuki (Trail Times,  Aug. 8), it is the climate doomsayers that are getting desperate, primarily because nature refuses to co-operate with their catastrophic, CO2-induced, global-warming narrative.

Suzuki’s nonsensical diatribe is obviously inconsistent with the scientific method. So is his endorsement of the BBC policy to suppress scientific debate.

It appears that David Suzuki is still living in the mythical, computer world of discredited climate models. Consequently, he continues to deny reality and demonize carbon dioxide (CO2).

While appearing on a recent Australian Broadcasting Company’s TV program, Suzuki  learned, apparently for the first time, that global warming stopped more than 17 years ago. Astonishingly, Suzuki freely admitted that he was completely unfamiliar with the 4 agencies responsible for collecting and publishing the world’s temperature data used by the UN.

The chief scientist of one of these agencies (Professor Phil Jones of the UK’s CRU) testified in 2010 before a Parliamentary Select Committee that global warming had stopped in 1995. His testimony related to the 2009 Climategate scandal.

Unfortunately, the CO2 content of our atmosphere has been seriously depleted by natural processes to such an extent that we can never hope to restore the highly-desirable levels of CO2 found in ancient atmospheres. The dinosaurs enjoyed an atmosphere containing 5 times the current CO2 level. Our reserves of oil and gas would have to be 30 times larger to even double the CO2 content of our CO2-impoverished atmosphere.

It seems that David Suzuki should be reminded of a fundamental biological fact; that is, CO2 is essential to sustain plant and animal life on this planet. Regretfully, CO2 does not give us the means to control our ever-changing climate. With 4 major climate cycles, the planet’s climate has been changing since the beginning of its existence.

Global cooling has always been, and will continue to be, the greatest climate threat to civilizations. We must learn to adapt or perish.

Thorpe Watson, PhD