Columnist misrepresents climate change facts

MP Alex Atamanenko responds to a recent editorial column printed in the Trail Times.

I hope any readers of “Science loses ground to superstition” (Trail Times, Oct. 1), who may be unconvinced about human induced climate change, will give much more weight to the findings of the vast majority of climatologists than they will to this author.

I am always alarmed when I think that such gross misrepresentation of climate science could hamper mankind’s efforts to take remedial measures that will ensure a livable environment is passed on to future generations.

Equally disturbing is the author’s assassination attempts against those whose well founded arguments won the day and saw UBCM pass a landmark resolution in favour of a GE Free BC.

The author makes no mention of the fact that there is absolutely no monitoring, or follow up studies conducted on human health once a GE crop is approved so it is impossible for either side to use the science argument, pseudo or otherwise.

That more and more of the public is demanding more certainty in this regard hardly makes them superstitious or emotional as the author suggests.

This is especially true when the disturbing results of recent long term feeding studies on rats are considered.

That the promises of genetic engineering have failed to materialize after 20 years with only two traits, pesticide and herbicide resistance to its credit also goes unmentioned.

I must say that big biotech’s propagandists couldn’t have done a better job spitting out their talking points than has this author.

Alex Atamanenko

MP BC Southern Interior