Community a big part of Smokies

Smokies' head coach appreciates the strong sense of community in Trail.

It is apparent in my short time here in Trail, that this is a very special community.  I must emphasize the word community.  In my experiences, having traveled across Europe and North America, there are few places left in the world where your neighbor will watch over your house without you even asking.  I’ve had several experiences such as this that continue to impress me and I can’t help but feel more and more connected.

I am a history major so the first thing I do is read about the history of my surroundings.  I feel honored to be a small part of this rich history of athletic accomplishment within this community.

The deeper I dig the more I realize this success it is not linked to a superior genetic code, or something in the water. (That is another topic)  I believe the success originates from the strong sense of community that is abundant.

Sports teams are essentially small communities of individuals that unite for a common purpose.  One has to only look at the magnificent Cominco Arena and read about the men who donated their time to come down from the smelter to lay bricks.

Now that the arena is built, several championships later, as the most senior hockey club in the region, and proud member of the BCHL, we are looking to be more active members in the community, because essentially that is what being a good teammate is all about.  We want to be leaders, role models, and continue the tradition of success.

I encourage you to reach out and volunteer or be a billet family.  We are preparing young men to be active community members and successful student athletes who will always look back to Trail as one of the most influential periods of their lives.

It is no coincidence that we will be dressing five local born and raised players in this year’s lineup and all of their families have been involved with the Smoke Eaters over the years.

Hope to hear from you soon and see you at the rink this season.

Nick Deschenes

Trail Smoke Eaters head coach