Community Comment: Council’s efforts don’t stop during the summer months

Mayor and Council gives updates on a few ongoing items.

We, the Mayor and Council of the City of Trail would like to take this opportunity to update our residents on a few items as we head into the middle of summer.  Although we only have one Regular Council Meeting scheduled in each of July and August, our work does not stop as we continue to advance business and matters within our strategic plan.

The summer of 2015 has already set record high temperatures and experienced the greatest number of fires we have seen across the province.  With a full fire-ban in effect, it is important that residents respect this restriction and be mindful of any possible ignition sources.  While lightning strikes account for most of the recent fires, poorly extinguished campfires and discarded tobacco products account for most of the rest of the fires experienced during any peak dry season. Please be careful as fires can cause destruction for a community and its surroundings.

With increased usage in all our parks, we would also like to remind residents of the off-leash areas for your pets around Gyro Park in particular.  The boat launch area is one off-leash area which has easy access for pets to reach the water.  The public beach at Gyro Park is not an off-leash area and we ask that you are mindful of this restriction, particularly with the many families visiting the park daily.  We want to see this wonderful asset be there for the enjoyment of all.

We have many events for you to enjoy this summer.  Stay cool with Water-Rama – “no bull” August 8th in Gyro Park at 2pm.  A horn will sound, signaling the start of a “flash mob” water fight. Bring your super soakers, squirt toys and water bazookas for this spontaneous water-soaked event.  Trail Market on the Esplanade remains a busy attraction for citizens and visitors to Trail.  Upcoming market dates are: July 31st, August 14th & 28th, September 11th & 25th and October 9th 10am-2pm. Special Edition Market dates are: August 19th 4pm-8 pm and October 31st 10am-3pm (Spooktacular).

The City of Trail has a booth at each market so come on down and have a chat with your Mayor and Councillors – we always enjoy hearing from you.  Just a reminder that both the pool and fitness facility at the Trail Aquatic & Leisure Centre will be undergoing routine maintenance during August and September with the pool closed from August 15 to September 13 and with the fitness facility closed from August 15 to 23.

Thank you to our Parks & Recreation Staff along with the Communications & Events Coordinator for working hard to bring about events which are attractive and add to the social fabric of our community.

There are two upcoming, great events worth keeping an eye open for. The Storm the Stairs Fundraising Run/Walk is Saturday, September 12 in the Piazza Colombo. Contact the Trail United Way for more information or to register for this event. The Red Roofs Duathlon will be held the following day on Sunday, September 13th.  More information can be found at  We extend a special thanks to the Public Works Department for their hard work to ensure the stairs are safe for all participants.

The Pipeline/Pedestrian Bridge project call for proposals closes on July 28th.  It is expected that the contract will be awarded early August with construction anticipated to start the second week of September.    The estimated construction period is nine months, with project completion at the end of May 2016.

The bridge will span from the north side of the Columbia River, from the intersection of Columbia Avenue near McQuarrie Street, across the river to Rotary Park on the south side of the river.  Council has authorized a call for names for the future bridge; we encourage you to be creative and think of a name that will reflect the importance of our City’s new landmark structure.  The call for names will be officially announced in the fall of 2015, so please stay tuned for more details on this unique opportunity.

The 2015 Communities in Bloom judging has just been completed with the visit of two judges earlier this week. We wish to thank Trail Community in Bloom and all the volunteers who work so diligently to enhance our City in so many ways.

In addition, we would like to thank all the volunteers and participants involved in advancing the Garden Contest, the IncrEDIBLE Green Route and the new Community Garden, all of which are in support of enhancing the beauty of our City as well providing support to the food banks.

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer and we hope that you take advantage of the many recreational opportunities that our area provides.

Community Comment is an opportunity for elected officials from our local municipalities to update citizens in the region on the events, plans and progress in their respective communities. Every Friday, the Trail Times will present, on a rotating basis, a submission from councils, school trustees or regional district directors.