Community Comment: Director tackles budget and negotiations for Area B

Area B director touches on the fall season and the end of the current rec agreement.

Fall has arrived and is as beautiful as ever in our part of the West Kootenays.

Lower Columbia/Old Glory (Area B) activity is ongoing and folks are clearing the last of their gardens and yards in preparation for winter. Please be sure to pick and dispose of fallen or unwanted fruits and vegetables to ensure less conflict between wildlife and humans on your properties and elsewhere.  While clearing your property of yard waste, please dispose of them responsibly , not by littering our beautiful backcountry.

In speaking about our local gardens, I was invited to “An incrEDIBLE Thanksgiving” evening hosted by Gina Ironmonger.  This evening was to showcase locally sourced foods provided by local farms and wineries.  It was a great opportunity to be educated on the wide range of locally sourced and grown proteins, grains, vegetable and accompaniments.  Please take the time to explore our local farms and providers, to support their incredible array of offerings.

With winter soon upon us, please ensure that any vehicles or RV’s parked on road allowance are done so in a safe manner to allow our snow removal contractors to do their jobs properly without the risk of damage to your personal property.

Recreation activity will soon switch from hiking, biking and disc golf on Area B Parks and Trails lands, to snowshoeing and cross country skiing, at Area B’s  BlackJack,  the Seven Summits, Nancy Greene Lake and Paulson Trails, and all points in between.  Please be careful and be sure to take plenty of pictures and only leave your footprint.

Budget time is here and with continuing to try to provide the best services possible while being fiscally responsible, it should be a busy time until April.  On that note, I will be speaking with the City of Trail Representatives regarding the upcoming end to the current Recreation Agreement with the City.  This current Agreement comes to a close on December 31/15.  I want to thank all Area B residents who attended the meetings and responded to the online poll, regarding the future of shared Recreation Services, and to assure you that your comments and opinions will forge the path for these discussions next week.

The Halls and Parks in Area B are bustling with activity.  The Casino Hall upgrade project is completed and refects and protects its Heritage values.  Rivervale Park,  Oasis Hall and Genelle Hall are busy with community and surrounding area bookings, and activities.  Please be sure to support the local halls and all that they provide to our Rural Communities and Lower Columbia neighbouring population.

The Dewdney Trail Society and its hard working volunteers have been busy with brushing and  clearing this historical trail in Area B and the refurbished sign has been erected at the head of the trail in Paterson area.  This the 150th Anniversary of the Dewdney Trail will hopefully be the beginning of a new generation of users, who will support, cherish, and protect this amazing Historical Site for generations to come.

As a continuing original RDKB appointed member of the Columbia River Treaty Local Government Committee, I will carry on working hard representing the people of the Basin in our area and across the Columbia Basin.  Locally your voices were heard and noted and form the content of the Local Government Committee’s Recommendations, for the Lower Columbia Region, regarding any modernization and/or changes to the Treaty, and were added to  those voices across the Basin from our three rounds of Community meetings over a three year period.

Enjoy our fabulous fall and have a safe and happy holiday season.

Linda Worley is Area B director for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary

Community Comment is an opportunity for elected officials from our local municipalities to update citizens in the region on the events, plans and progress in their respective communities. Every Friday, the Trail Times will present, on a rotating basis, a submission from councils, school trustees or regional district directors.