Community Comment: Help Montrose plan for its 60th anniversary celebration

"The Montrose Council and the recreation commission are looking for volunteers to help them out for this special event!"

We just completed the by-election in Montrose and I would like to welcome Mike Walsh back to Council. I would also like to thank the other three individuals that ran for the vacancy on our Council.

This year is the Village of Montrose’s 60th anniversary and the planning for a great weekend is well underway. The Montrose Council and the recreation commission are looking for volunteers to help them out for this special event! Please contact the village office if you are interested in volunteering for this anniversary event.

Just to remind everyone, we will be having an Easter party for our children on March 19, 2016. Currently, we are also planning our annual Seniors Dinner which will be held on April 27, 2016. If anyone would like more information on these two events please call the Village Office.

Last September at the UBCM conference, we met with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways to discuss the safety issues related to the four crosswalks that cross Highway 3B. Later this year we will be improving the visibility by adding LED lighting, increased signage and painting the crosswalks across the highway. These measures should increase the safety of all crosswalks.

However, the Ministry suggested that we eliminate the 6th Street crossing because of the limited usage by residents. Council has considered this suggestion and is in the process of the initial planning stages of closing this current highway crosswalk.

With springtime just around the corner, we want to remind everyone that MYATS have completed the preparation of our new community garden feature, which is located beside the tennis courts. Please make sure to contact the Village Office if you are interested in participating in working with the community garden in 2016.

Beaver Valley Recreation has submitted an application, on behalf of our three local communities, Montrose, Area A and Fruitvale that would enable major upgrades to the Beaver Valley Regional Skatepark which is located in Montrose. The proposed project includes the installation of new permanent features and structures, while also improving other park amenities such as lighting, fencing, access, signage and tables/seating. Montrose Council believes that completion of this project would be great for all communities, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Planning is now underway with True Consulting to determine the best course of action to either repair and/or replace our current water reservoirs.

We have initiated pre-planning exercises to assess the feasibility of taking each reservoir out of service, and determine what operational alterations (and costs) would be required in addition to the structural repair costs. We will then review the costs and benefits of continued operations / maintenance / repair of the existing reservoirs against the cost to construct new tanks due to the existing ages of both reservoirs (aged 37 and 57 years old respectively) as typical service life expectancy for coated steel tanks is in the range of 60 years. We will be sure to keep you posted on future developments of this project.

In closing, some residents may have noticed the tarps over the roof of the Village Office. As we have experienced some leakage, we will be replacing the roof in the early spring as part of some office upgrades slated for 2016.

Joe Danchuk is the mayor of the Village of Montrose

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