Community inspired by Hansen relay

Rick Hansen relay an inspiration to the community.

Over a year ago, members of the Italo Canadese Society and Trail Rotary Club volunteered to organize an End-of-Day celebration for the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Medal Relay.

What would this celebration look like; how many people might attend; what about traffic; what time should we gather?

Our most important decision was naming Terry Martin as our final medal bearer.

If Rick Hansen wasn’t coming, who would show up?  Two representatives from each group pondered the questions and with help from the British Columbia coordinators, Max Voykin and Justan Steele, a successful relay and celebration all came together on April 24-25.   Once again The Home of Champions rose to the occasion displaying posters, cheering on medal bearers, entertaining with dance and song and lots of enthusiasm.

This tour brought back a wonderful memory of the Rick Hansen story and his legacy.

For students who were not old enough to have been a part of the story 25 years ago, thanks to the Rick Hansen inspirational speakers they now carry the ember within them knowing they too can make a difference.

Lina Horan

On behalf of the Community Team for the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Medal Relay