Continue fight against pot prohibition

Colorado citizen encourages B.C. residents to continue the fight to end decriminalization of cannabis.

As it appears Sensible B.C. didn’t get enough signatures to get on the next ballot, I’m writing to encourage citizens in British Columbia and all Canadians to continue hope and the good fight (Sensible B.C. hits target in West Kootenay, Trail Times Dec. 6, 2013) to end discrimination towards humans who use the God-given plant cannabis (marijuana).

The majority of North American’s support ending this government subsidized discrimination and the day will come when the injustice is over and people look back and ask how on earth cannabis prohibition ever started to begin with?

As a Colorado citizen who helped re-legalize cannabis for sick citizens over a decade ago and completely re-legalize the plant a year ago, I can assure Canadians, the vile ignorance will end.

Stan White

Dillon, Colorado