Council continues to fumble all-wheel park issue

"The City took out dozens of trees to create more parking space...why not an all wheel park towards the river?"

I was prompted to write a Letter to Editor and City Council in February when the Bridge Lighting Project was underway asking for donations.

The promoters were concerned about “donors of the project” waiting to see the results.

This made me think about the longtime donors for the all wheel park and how a generation has gone by already.

Scott Daniels comments last week on the loss of funding from Columbia Basin Trust makes me wonder what we are saying about these athletes and the sport.

Today’s news release encourages me to say something.

City Council wants to do a survey about the all wheel park to the cost of $16,000.  Where was the survey for lighting the bridge and the new walkway bridge?

I have noticed the skateboard parks throughout the  Kootenays and Okanagan and find it interesting that they are located in natural park-like surroundings, with washroom facilities nearby, and visible to the public.

What are we saying to these athletes when the space allotted to them is beside a sani-dump, a  diesel fuming truck stop and across from a pub?

I have had many discussions on this subject with people who feel Gyro Park is still the best option. It has one of the most used walkways and would be publicly monitored. It encourages all ages to enhance their health.

The City took out dozens of trees to create more parking space…why not an all wheel park towards the river?

I think this $16,000 should be spent on an all wheel park.  I encourage people who want this park to let City Hall know by e-mail or letter. If you need volunteers to open letters,  please call me.

I await the day that EZ Rock and Trail Times announce the grand opening of the skateboard/ all wheel park AND the Trail Residents Program has been scrapped and ALL  are welcome.

Debbie Wallace