Council great place to serve

The thing I love most about winter is that it can’t last forever. Sooner or later I get to put away my winter clothing and put  the snowblower back in storage .

Right now we are only about a month and a half away from this year’s May Days celebration. This year marks 100 years of holding the event. We have an opportunity to recognize some of the history of the Beaver Valley as well as to get involved in a super weekend that will be jam packed with things to see and do.

Thanks to Dave Chartres for taking on the roll of chairing the May Days committee.  Without the dedication of his time and  the time of all the volunteers we would not have the successful weekend that it has become. That is one of the strengths of living a rural life style. We all need to take on some level of responsibility for the success of our communities. It is what creates pride in the place we call home.

We want a place that is safe and welcoming for all people regardless of their age, gender or mobility. The Beaver Valley is such a place and one we can be proud of. Beautiful streets and community parks and gardens don’t just happen on their own.  There is always much planning and hard work that goes into creating these places.

We are blessed with two wonderful service clubs: the Beaver Valley Lions and the Beaver Valley Rotary Club.  Both clubs have a core group of members that do an immense amount of work to enhance community life.

Fruitvale council members take on extra tasks besides preparing for and attending council meetings. We all sit on various boards and committees in order to report back to the rest of council anything that is of interest or importance to the village.

This is the final year of a three-year term.  I feel our council has taken on and accomplished a great deal this term which has been due in large part to our ability to work as a cohesive and accommodating group of individuals. We have discussions and debates, not arguments. There are no hidden agendas or special interest groups.

When the citizens feel the same way and are satisfied with council we run the risk of an apathethic turnout at the voting poll, or even worse in only a few people letting their name stand for election. That is a fear of mine.

We need more, good, unbiased people to run in the fall in order to maintain and build on the spirit of cooperation and positive action for the benefit of the community. So if you have not thought about it before now, consider letting yourself be on the ballot for council. It is a great way to serve your community and to contribute to local and regional affairs which affect our quality of  life.

Bert Kniss is a Fruitvale village councillor. Community Comment is written by elected officials from the school board and all five municipal councils in Greater Trail. It runs every Wednesday.