Decision impacts important activities

"Imagine all the kids in hockey, skating, swimming etc. who will suffer from this lack of support."

We were surprised and shocked, to receive a note from the Village of Warfield  in our mailbox on Monday.  We had no idea that Warfield was intending to copy the disappointing example of Rossland and the Beaver Valley, and opt out of supporting our area recreation facilities and library.  Did residents petition the Village to do this?

On my family doctor’s suggestion I have been attending the aquafit program at the aquatic centre since it was built.  I voted to have Warfield support the aquatic centre even before it was built.

This action will eventually lead to the demise of all the fitness and sports  programs  in the area, as well as the intellectual stimulation provided by the library programs.  You may question this result; but I personally know that the morning aquafit program has been reduced to three days a week instead of the previous five days a week, when they were forced to close the pool on two mornings a week, for financial reasons.

Imagine all the kids in hockey, skating, swimming etc. who will suffer from this lack of support. The children of today have little enough physical activity, without making it more difficult.

The library is totally essential for a well rounded community.  The growing number of seniors in the area take full advantage of the curling, swimming, fitness programs, and library.  I have seen many working people in the gym early in the morning, and in the evening.

Many of the activities that make this area a wonderful place to live will disappear slowly but surely.

Ruth Guercio