Democracy struggling in B.C.

Trail's upcoming bridge referendum is a step in the right direction towards democracy.

The recent news that Trail residents will be allowed to vote on a new library and walking bridge is a good boost for democracy. It’s not often the people are asked about anything, their vote being the most important for politicians who then do what they want till next election.

The U.S.A. … with all its problems does hold lots of referendums and propositions on important issues, not in Canada or B.C. though. Do they think the masses of people don’t know enough to decide on how their money is spent? Or how their lives affected?

Direct democracy, propositions referendums are the purest form of democracy. It’s no small wonder there are few, if any held in Canada, the government would have to follow and enforce the will of the people, and doing so would curtail and affect their often self-serving, special interests reasons for being in power.

Take the B.C. Government liquor cartel for instance, a mockery of free enterprise, unheard of in the modern, developed world etc, only in Canada you say! Not Quebec though.

Last year the government asked B.C. residents if they would like more access to booze, like the rest of the world has, of course they would, not a word back after millions spent on their wasteful feeble attempts at what? Crumbs-off-the table were offered … more time at Happy Hour! Wow!

Anti-free enterprise, anti-business, the obsolete ancient, laughing-stock BC Liquor Control is a huge parasite, leech on the backs of the people of B.C.

The lies and myths about taxes never stop, imagine the sale of the huge empire’s liquor cartels buildings alone? The saving on wages, salaries on and on.

All other nations, Quebec, do well without dictatorship government booze cartels keeping-out competition and free enterprise and robbing the people of B.C. selling hot, warm beer at theft prices, wine and liquor at outrageous prices.

Never are the people of B.C. asked if they want free enterprise, real competition in the sale of another consumer product.  Never are the people asked if they want a referendum on the issue, if freedom reigned, as it should, booze prices would drop, more choice, more taxes made after the adjustment from a pathetic, Communist-style booze cartel was dismantled and put where it belongs … the rubbish bin of history.

And they call it “democracy?”

Raymond George Hughes


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