Does Trail need more grocery options?

"What we need in this city is another major department, variety store, not a grocer."

Recently hearing the news of the local Trail Wal-Mart expanding its store, made me wonder and ask, ‘Do we really need another grocery store in Trail?’

My thought, was no, I don’t think so. We already have three, which I believe to be fine for this community size.

What more could they offer than the current grocers have now? Are they specializing in fresh produce and fruits that you can’t buy anywhere else? I don’t think so, no matter where you shop, it all comes from Mexico or the most part, California and South America.

How much of their produce is going to be sold as GMO? You know Wal-Mart has signed a deal with Monsanto to supply GMO foods in their stores? They probably won’t display which foods are, so you’ll just have to guess when you are squeezing that piece of fruit.

Wal-Mart wants you to do your one stop shopping there, of course.

Why shop at any other brick and mortar when we have it all, we offer every day low prices.

You have to be shopper savvy to know exactly what you are buying when it comes to product, package size and price. Almost every product in that store is packaged for the Wal-Mart market so they make you believe you are getting that low price bargain.

What we need in this city is another major department, variety store, not a grocer. Someplace to buy general goods, apparel and dry goods.

The people of the community need to encourage growth in the city’s downtown area. What is the city doing to encourage growth of downtown?

How many retailers have looked into setting up space? Are other big box stores scared of Wal-Mart that they won’t even look to operate here? What’s the story?

By continuing to spend your dollars at Wal-Mart, you only encourage them to continue with their deception and destruction of inner city commercialism.

I just don’t think this is the best idea for this community as far as retail.

Rich Steer