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Election: Don’t forget to have your say

To all candidates, best of luck & and thank you for contributing to the democratic process

Those who have seen the discourse on some local Facebook groups know that local politics can get petty on occasion. Without going into the specifics of the near-constant praising, campaigning and mudslinging, suffice it to say that there are several reasons you may vote for one candidate over another.

And you know what? That’s OK.

When one is up for public office, they will inevitably be judged on any number of factors, from years-old social media posts to what they ate for breakfast last Monday. While judgment – particularly during elections – can be seen as combative or uncomfortable, we would posit that it’s all part of human nature.

Making judgments is an ancient survival mechanism that helps us suss out who to trust and who not to trust, which is of course instrumental in putting together a society.

It is not our position to recommend who you should or should not vote for – all we recommend is that you vote. While it’s true that this election cycle sees many incumbents running for re-election, there are opportunities for change in most offices, which is good for those who don’t approve of the status quo. Conversely, without your support, there are some incumbents that may not be re-elected.

You may not think it affects the outcome if you vote or not. This might be true in some circumstances, but what difference could between 40 and 70 per cent of non-voters make if they cast their ballots?

Election Day is Oct. 15.

The more voters who turn out to vote during this election, the more accurate the results will be when it comes to gauging the will of the people.

Don’t forget to have your say.

And to all the candidates, best of luck… and thank you for contributing to the democratic process.

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