Enforce rules and keep reuse centres open

Trail resident reacts to news that the reuse centre at the regional landfill will be closing.

The reasons in the article (Reuse centres headed for closure at regional landfills, Trail Times March 30) given to close the reuse centers in the West Kooteneys absolutely do not make any sense and this is just another example of not being willing to face and deal with the issues.

What happened to “Change what you can change and manage what you can’t change. Reuse centre has been a source between patrons and staff”, as another quote goes .

If there is signage indicating rules and regulations make the patrons abide by them. If a conflict arises deal with them the appropriate way. Don’t just turn your back and vote on closing a $15.000 plus building. Follow up on staffs concerns in a pro active way and give them the tools to handle these issues. If access and congestion is an issue, look over the situation and move things around so space is available.

Thank God we have Coun . Robert Cacchioni who has a clear head and vision and voted against this insanity. He is so right that we are diverting this issue to people getting rid of the stuff at illegal dumpsites which I have personally witnessed many times in the outdoors . Reporting these observations to the city and subsequent follow up is another matter.

An example was given that people would like to drop off car seats that have been deemed recalled or passed the expiry date.

Make them go to the garbage bin and make the charge reasonable which in many cases is not. The regional landfill rejected them and these car seats ended up on the curb , discarded in full view at the view point on the Montrose cut-off.

Deal with the issues at hand ,people. Obviously a $500.00 fine for Illegal dumping is not doing it, neither is a $75.00 charge at the landfill for a partial load in a 1/2 Ton pick up of construction material for a small renovation times 2 ( 2 loads over 2 days) which a resident had to pay recently. Talking about promoting illegal dumping.

In closing manage your property and enforce the rules.

Hans den Biesen