Euthanasia: It’s about time

An alternate point of view regarding assisted suicide.

On July 12 a letter was written by Catharine Kintoff of Rossland regarding assisted suicide. I’d like to give an alternative point of view.

When I heard the news I thought “Thank God.” She makes a reference to God in her letter. He has nothing to do with it.

In 1998 my 86-year-old father suffered a stroke and then several more. He was conscious briefly for the time he was in hospital.

He and my mother had both agreed that neither of them wanted extraordinary measures taken to prolong their life. He was in the hospital for three weeks. However, the last week of his life the hospital withdrew all fluids.

So, basically, my father managed to survive for a week of being starved to death, curled up in a fetal position. How humane is this?

If there had been a shot available I would have given it to him myself. This new law is not about people killing people. It’s about love and respect. It’s a choice I would like to have myself.

The same as it is my choice whether to have an abortion or not. It’s my body. If I’m in extreme pain and there is no hope for a recovery it’s no one else’s business if I choose to enlist aid to take my own life.

How arrogant of people to pass their own religious beliefs and judgements onto someone else. I absolutely do not believe that 550 adults and children are being “euthanized” every year in Holland without their permission or consent. That’s murder.

These people have given specific instructions regarding their life and how to end it. Imagine the horror of a parent who has to decide that their child would be better off dead but as we all know it is often the case.

It certainly must be ironclad so it could never be abused. Surely someone can come up with a legal form so no abuse can happen.

Hopefully, Canada will look into what is available in Holland and go from there.

I say it’s about time.

Grace Williams, Rossland