(Black Press file)

(Black Press file)

Everybody loses in vehicle collisions

Letter to the Editor from Glen Byle, Trail

Dear Editor,

There was an accident on June 4 in Castlegar between a vehicle and a cyclist and it was reported on in the Castlegar News.

My daughter survived being hit by a car in 2018 while I was taking her to Pople park on her bike, so I personally found the RCMP’s statement that “The collision likely occurred because the man didn’t dismount his bike before a cyclist’s stop and dismount sign located before the bridge” to be very inappropriate.

The message should have been a reminder that cars are powerful machines that need to be operated with care and respect for the people around them.

Everybody loses when a vehicle collision occurs.

Even if the physical injuries heal, the mental and emotional fallout can last forever and can affect everybody involved, including witnesses and first responders.

Glen Byle


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