Facebook activism requires thought

Greater Trail resident reminds us to think twice before making comments on Facebook and Social Media.

This is in response to the video posted by a Sensible BC canvasser which occurred on Nov. 23 in front of Ferraro Foods. The video went viral locally and became a Facebook phenomenon.

Hopefully everyone in Trail has learned from the Sensible BC incident outside Ferraro Foods just how much of an impact a Facebook debate can have on a person and on a business.

While it is important to stay informed on current issues and formulate opinions, it is dangerous to just spout off the first thought that comes to mind when only understanding one side of a story. Saying slanderous or defamatory things about a person on a public forum can be incredibly damaging to a person’s reputation.

It is important to make sure you fully understand the matter at hand before stating an opinion on the Internet that is highly critical of someone or something for the whole world to see.

Taking action is great and necessary if we want certain policies to change in B.C. Facebook activism proved to be a poor means of taking action, only serving to perpetuate uninformed and damaging opinions in this case.

Ryan Macklon