Fraser Institute wrong voice for health care issues

Is the Fraser Institute the best voice on health care (March 23, It’s Time to Consider Going Dutch on Health Care).

Paid for by special interest groups and mega companies, it is described as a right-leaning think tank. In my opinion it fell over years ago.

Health care sustainability is the buzz word for this year, they go on to describe a system that sounds more like the American system — where over 43 million have no health care.

Competition is the answer, they say.  You mean insurance companies, or like gasoline that all companies seem to magically price about the same — too damn much.

It is not working in the U.S. Their health care actually costs more per capita and covers only those that can afford it.

Well how do we accomplish sustained health care? How did we go to the moon, and knock down the Berlin wall and all the other things that we believe are right and needed?

We put our backs to it, that’s how. And do it without destroying it.

Now let’s discuss the other old new buzz words, the two-tier system.

Some people do not realize that the health care system still pays the bill for whatever is done, just the extra charges would be yours to pay. Jumping you over all those that were waiting ahead of you but still costing us the same.

Yes, money talks, weather you can walk or not doesn’t matter  – health care is a right, driving is a privilege.

Don DeRosa