Grad party mess disappointing

"It’s not the responsibility of the residents to pick it up. It should have been Crowe and the grad class out there cleaning up."

So I went out for a drive to the Pend D’Oreille on Friday and I was so disappointed at the way it looked. Last Thursday was grad and it sickens me how disgusting this year’s grad class left it. There was garbage left everywhere.

I’ve tried getting in touch with Crowe but no-one has gotten back to me.

The garbage sat out there all weekend and when some Grade 12 were confronted they said they were to hung over and had school that’s why they didn’t pick it up Friday.

When I went out Friday it was at 6:30 p.m. so they could have came after school. Apparently some went and cleaned up Friday but they didn’t take the garbage with them then left a big box and two huge garbage bags.

I went out Sunday to go to Buckley and drove past the grad spot again and it was still gross. They left the two garbage bags and a big wooden box of garbage in the middle of the stag field.

There was still garbage laying around on the ground and their empties were scattered all over the place.

Now what bothers me is I go out to the Pondy every weekend to camp, and when I’m done it doesn’t matter if I’m hungover or still drunk I still have to clean my mess before I leave and have to take it with me.

Where in the heck do they think it’s okay to go cleanup the next day.

This is a road that I travel quite often with my five-year-old daughter and it’s sad to hear her talk about the huge mess that the grad class left. She was quite upset that they would leave it where all the baby animals live.

She asked me what will happen to the babies if they get into the garbage? There is a fox den and a coyote den in that area that both have had batches of pup.

It is now Monday and there is still garbage out there and empties scattered throughout  the trees and grass.

When I went on Facebook and saw that some of the residents that live in the Pend D’Oreille have gone and cleaned up the mess that the Grade 12s left out there.

It’s not the responsibility of the residents to pick it up. It should have been Crowe and the grad class out there cleaning up.

And to top it all of they have their stag on someone’s private property. How do you think they feel when they go out there and see the mess all these young kids have made?

As a person who loves being out in the bush it makes me sick to know that these kids are treating our Mother Nature like crap. Either Crowe needs to step forward and apologize for this or they need the students to.

Maybe they should just do stag at the school from now on so that these teenagers stop hurting our beautiful world.

Those mountains are my back yard and I don’t want to see them shut down cause of ignorance and stupidity

Viki Walts