Grade 4 letters raise good points

Local resident appreciates letters to the editor from grade 4 students.

Wow, it took a little girl, Emma Smith, to say what everyone has been thinking about the mall and shopping (Trail Times Letters to the Editor, April 17).

Shop locally … what … where?

To the “powers that be” I know it is nice to have a nice looking city but why don’t we start with what we need – stores to shop in, not trees and grass.

What will be put into the old Eaton’s store and Kresge’s?

To Madison Bradford, I truly hope you had a blessed Easter. I’m sure Jesus was very happy with your letter  (Trail Times Letters to the Editor, April 17). I don’t understand why you are not able to have the Christian club you want.

Maybe some adults will put in a word for you.

I know there are many Christians living in Fruitvale. God Bless you.

And thank you Grade 4 students of Fruitvale Elementary.

Patricia Butler