Graffiti paint overs are ugly

I concerned about the older women who go around Trail and paint over the graffiti. As a lifetime, taxpaying, home-owning citizen of Trail, I am looking for an answer as to why these women have not been charged with vandalism.     While I do find the graffiti unsightly and offensive most of the time, I also find what they do offensive.

If their intention is to cover it up and make it look nice again they are failing miserably. If they are so concerned with the way the graffiti makes these places look, then instead of splashing the cheapest colour of paint in a hideous manner over these graffiti drawings, why do they not buy matching colors and primer and make it look less like a murder scene?

Isn’t what they’re doing also an act of vandalism? I think so.

Just because they are older members of the community should not exempt them from obeying the law. What kind of example does that put forth to the younger members of the community?

The mentality that it’s OK to break the law because you are offended by something or because you are someone’s parent or grandparent is not the message that we should be sending out to the youth of Trail. Let the City of Trail deal with these problems instead of making them worse.

Cassandra Reed