Handicap parking spots are for those who need them

If parking spaces are at a minimum, park elsewhere and walk, do not park in handicap parking spaces.

There seems to be a blatant disregard for Handicap parking in Trail.

I see drivers with “N” tags parking in Handicap parking and when you ask them to move there is verbal abuse.

Today (August 7, 2012) I was at the TD Bank. There were seven empty parking spots at the time I came in and five minutes later when I’m finished my business there is a red truck with Maglio Building Supplies parked across the Handicap spot and then the rest of the truck is parked in the yellow area. There were seven still empty.

I approached the owner of this truck and he claimed there were no parking spots. If there are none, find a place on the street.

Then he said he always parked there. The fellow is not handicapped physically. He has chosen to blatantly disregard those that need that spot in this town. Handicap parking should be respected by all able-bodied drivers.

Vic Friesen