Hold a referendum on amalgamation

"I challenge all the Municipalities and Areas A & B to have a referendum..."

I have an  idea on how to end the constant bickering within the greater Trail area over amalgamation.  I challenge all the Municipalities and Areas A & B to have a referendum included during the November Civic election, on if we want to proceed with a Greater Trail.  This would cover from Genelle to Paterson to Ross Spur.  This would give our newly elected councils and trustees the mandate weather or not to proceed with amalgamation.

To be fair in this referendum, each Community would be speaking for itself, not just a simple majority of votes either way.  This could allow for part amalgamation of adjoining areas, for example if Trail and Warfield both voted for amalgamation then just these two could proceed.  Area B would be a quandary as this is a split region.  Would Genelle, Oasis and Rivervale be included in the Paterson tally?

With six months to prepare I am sure most of these issues could be worked out.  We must give citizens time to think about the consequences good and bad before the vote.

Politicians and bureaucrats have to work out the logistics on Area A & B so the voters would know exactly on what they are voting for and who their vote would count for.

I hope that the elected officials will take up my challenge and end this age old debate once and for all.  Please do not leave this issue for the next lot of elected officials.  It does not matter where each of you stand, but end this now.

Gerald ParkerMontrose