Hoping Rose runs for B.C. Liberals

In response to Rose Calderon’s March 1 letter, Rossland Schools Under Capacity . . .

Alas, a revelation! Today’s Times has provided the reasoning behind Ms. Calderon’s position for the closure of area schools.

As a spokesperson for the local Liberals, it is apparent that their “slash and burn” policies with health and education are also the doctrines to which she subscribes. I’m surprised that she isn’t advocating two super schools for School District 20 – one secondary and one elementary – both located in Trail.  Portables would not be required for overflows because extra students could be crammed into Tim Hortons at the mall.

It is my hope that Ms. Calderon will put her name forward as a  Liberal candidate in this riding so we can all show her how much her views are appreciated.

Hell, I will even take out a Liberal membership to help her quest for MLA status.

Jim Ling