Hoping skate park brings more than words

I am not certain that a skateboard facility on Rossland Avenue will bring positive things to the Gulch, but I hope so. If such a facility can accomplish that, why did all the other areas in Trail oppose having it?

To city council and to Trail Rotary, what “transformations” and “rejuvenations” can we expect to see? Please give us Gulch residents some concrete examples, not just feel good words.

How will the skateboard park make the Gulch “an exciting urban space that will bring needed energy,” other than to the youths who will be excited and energetic when they use it?

It is not necessary for council to give Gulch residents sweet vocabulary and promises that may not be kept.

Hopefully you will do better than the city council of years ago, when the city gave the new police station after it was promised to the Gulch.

That was after the city had already spent $90,000 for the purchase of property on Rossland Avenue.

Then city hall stated that it could not afford spending $200,000 on a retaining wall for a new station there. Thus it was built in Glenmerry instead. Trail’s taxpayers were very kind over the large monetary loss. Donald Trump would have been less forgiving.

In fairness, since that period some improvements were made on Rossland Avenue, most notably new streetlights and attractive floral displays.

At that time there was a “Gulch Revitalization” sign along Rossland Avenue and one evening it just flew away. It was last seen hovering above eastern Laburnum Drive in Glenmerry. Then it flew westerly and into the sunset.

Ernie Millin,