IHA changes based on cost not care

Local physician unhappy with Interior Health Authority decisions

Once again, it seems the Interior Health management team is attempting to dismantle the capacity of the Regional Hospital in Trail to provide comprehensive services to area patients.

As a physician involved in recruiting several Ophthalmologists  (Doctors who operate on eyes) over the past 20 years to Trail, I am particularly unhappy with the somewhat disingenuous rationale that is being put forward to justify the removal of the Ophthalmology service.

Trail Hospital has long provided this patient service in a very cost efficient manner and the minimal cost of a new operating microscope is really not the problem here.

It is rather, the less cost efficient use of resources at other sites that is to be corrected by moving our services elsewhere.

This is not a patient centered decision, but rather a small cost cutting effort, which will have a large impact on many patients in our area.

I would ask concerned individuals to contact local politicians and advocacy groups in an effort to influence Interior Health decision makers to reconsider their plans.

Dr. Ralph Behrens