Increase distracted driving fines not ICBC rates

Local resident supports the idea of higher fines for distracted drivers only, not all drivers in BC.

ICBC wants to raise its rates again.

The costs of injured people are on the rise, even more than drunken driving incidents.   This isn’t caused so much because of all of BC drivers that drive defensively but for the careless drivers that can’t seem to concentrate on driving and prefer to be a telephone operator while driving, and speeding through red lights,  because everyone is in a hurry.

So everyone gets to pay more for someone else’s faults.  But I guess it is easier to paint us all with the same brush rather than to discriminate  to those that are actually raising these rates.

It would be too much work for ICBC to raise the fines of cell phone use on the roads to cover these higher costs.  A higher fine of some substantial amount would probably end a lot of this nonsense.  How good is that though.

You do something illegal and get everyone else to pay.

Brent Laface