Keep bridge open for walkers

Letter writer Dale Evans has excellent points (Feb. 18, Come On Trail, Let’s Get Vocal About The Bridge). One day, cars and trucks crossing the Old Bridge; no sign of problems. Then closed completely.

My suggestion: open the Old Bridge for a test. Advertise the test and have an audience. Drive one car across. Drive three cars across. Drive three cars across at the same time each way. The dear Old Bridge will be unmoved and unshaken.

Reopen the Old Bridge to foot traffic and light vehicles — no 4×4 trucks.

Forget about a new bridge for a few years and look after more important needs, such as Dale Evans noted.

Bonnie and I used to park by Butler Park, walk across Old Bridge up the stairs to Topping Street, up next stairs to Daniel Street and on up to Wilmes Lane, down to the end and past City Hall to the Esplanade, through the nice park and back across the Old Bridge. We would do it about three times a week; it took about an hour. We met other couples doing a similar walk and, of course, loving it.

Bonnie and I, among others, would like the bridge open to at least foot traffic. Post a sign on the Old Bridge, “Use at your own risk.”

I gave a similar letter to Right Honorable (Mayor) Dieter (Bogs) and Freddy (councillor Fred Romano) 10 days ago.

Sign me, respectfully, your pain in the butt.

John Carter